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We Are The Michigan State University Black Alumni - Detroit Chapter

Welcome MSU Alumni! The Michigan State University Black Alumni - Detroit Chapter is a volunteer-run, membership-based organization that provides a vehicle for Detroit area alumni to support and promote the welfare and interests of Black alumni, students, faculty and staff of Michigan State University. Membership is open to alumni, students, family and friends. We invite you to join us.

We Cheered For Our Team

It’s All About Connections

The MSUBA-Detroit holds events throughout the year where you can socialize with the people you knew at MSU and have an opportunity to meet Spartans you have never met. Don’t worry about walking into a room where you don’t know anyone. We’ll make you feel right at home.

Fellow Spartans are Your Most Valuable Resources

The more Spartans you know, the more opportunities you will have to broaden your horizons. The more relationships you develop, the broader your base of knowledge and your potential to succeed—that’s true personally and professionally.

The Value of Connections

The MSUBA-Detroit is about creating mutually beneficial relationships. We advocate coming from a position of abundance and sharing. We encourage a spirit of collaboration rather than competition and the pursuit of individual or hidden agendas. You can count on the officers of MSUBA-Detroit to go the extra mile.

Our Vision

Sustainable success – both professionally and personally - calls for broad networks and alliances, vibrant knowledge transfer and value-added relationships, giving you timely access for learning and development. Networking is one of the most important characteristics of a sustainable career. The MSUBA-Detroit wants to be your Go -To organization for increasing your quality of life – professionally and personally.

We Lived Here.
We Were Educated Here.
Our Transformation Began Here.

We Care About One Another. We Celebrate Each Other.

The MSUBA-Detroit club is committed to ensuring its place among the nation's model alumni associations. We strive to create a strong visibility with our stakeholders and engage them in creative and innovative ways that facilitate meaningful bonding. We support the well being of each other.

Scholarships >>

We provide funds for scholarships. We help to get young people to their MSU graduation day.

Featured Spartans >>

By providing articles about Sparatans that have been extradinarily successful, we provide life blueprints for all of us.

We Started Out at MSU.
Now We're Here!

Spartan News

We are on Twitter and Instagram

Please follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date on events and Spartan news. Not only will we announce website updates on Twitter, we will make announcement about your events and activities. Please send information about events you want us to publicize on Twitter. Please send your information at least five days in advance. Send information to msuba-detroit@msuba-det.org.

We want to feature your graphics and images in our Instagram account. Send them to msuba-detroit@msuba-det.org and we will post them.

Join Us.
Get Involved.

MSU Black Alumni History

Prior to 1980, homecoming activities specifically for Black alumni were sporadic. That all changed when approximately 600 black alumni and friends participated in the 1980 Homecoming at the MSU University Club. During that Homecoming a survey was was taken that indicated an interest in establishing a formal organization and in continued homecoming activities.

In December 1980 the committee met with the MSU Alumni Association to discuss possible affiliation. The committee worked from December 1980 through April, 1981 to develop a constitution and by-laws for MSU black alumni. The constitution and by- laws and a request for charter membership as an affiliate were submitted to the MSU Alumni Association in May 1981.

During June 1981 the group began to formalize activities. Interim dues were established and interim officers were elected. Three committees - Constitution and By-Laws, Homecoming and Newsletter - were established. In September 1981 the incorporation papers were filed. The MSU Alumni Association approved our request for affiliate group status on October 16,1981 and the 1980 Homecoming Committee donated $1,500 to MSU Black Alumni as organizational seed money with $1000 earmarked for scholarships.

The first Board of Directors was elected in October 1981 and chapters were established across the U.S. Since then, the MSU Black Alumni endowment fund has grown to over $1 Million.